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Pennsylvania Rubber Company, Pennsylvania

Item Specifics:

Pennsylvania Rubber Company, Pennsylvania
metal can from 1927 with 3 white tennis ball(s)
of Australian Wool Felt construction.
This particular 'Type 1 - United States Flat ‘Tear Top’' item is rare.
Photo(s) courtesy of Brad McCall

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Green and red can with black text. “Pennsylvania TENNIS BALLS” at top. Tennis ball image has text “Pennsylvania APPROVED U.S.L.T.A.”. There is a countryside scene depicted in the green area of can. The bottom red area reads: “Hermetically Sealed” “If they’re Pressure Packed – they’re Pennsylvanias”. “PENNSYLVANIA RUBBER COMPANY – JEANETTE, PA. U.S.A.” “PATENTED JULY 20, 1926”. One of the first examples of a pressurized tennis container. Can states: “Pressure packing, exclusive with Pennsylvania Balls, represents the greatest improvement made in tennis balls since the inception of the game.” Earliest Pennsylvania cans also had this text: “Imperishable because Hermetically Sealed in metal tubs under pressure. No possibility of dead, unplayable balls. The pressure packing brings them to you exactly as they leave the factory, regardless of age.” No patent numbers on can.