Determining Scarcity of an Item

You may notice that among the attributes of these containers is one titled “Scarcity”. The values are subject to arguments, but I have based them on thirty years of research, sightings on eBay, and conservations with other long time tennis collectors.

  • Common – These containers appear very frequently in collections, on-line auctions, and antique stores.
  • Uncommon – Less frequently seen, but with a little patience they can eventually be found.
  • Scarce – Even less frequently seen, may show up on-line a few times a year, and usually only in larger collections.
  • Rare – Very seldom found in the marketplace and in collections.
  • Extremely Rare – May never be found on-line, or may show up on places like eBay once every twenty or so years. Only one or two collectors have acquired these prizes.