Czech Tennis Ball Manufacturers

This article from Dan Mikulička and the site

Production of tennis balls in Czech Lands
Until 1932 , we played with imported balls only. In 1931 Ing. Erich Rubant built a factory to produce tennis balls in Dvůr Králové nad Labem and the following year began with production. The balls were of very high quality from the beginning and already after a year he received the licence for the production of tennis balls Dunlop.
The types of balls: RUBANT (1.quality), FAVORIT (2.quality), DUNLOP, DUNLOP FORT.
Production continued until 1939. After the Munich Agreement the government of Czechoslovakia forced him the line to sell and get it in the subsidaries of the Baťa company FATRA NAPAJEDLA (1939-1949). Here, the production ran until 1941. Then it was replaced by the war production. Factory reset tennis balls began right after the liberation, in August 1945. Initially, the quality was not good, later to be improved.
The types of balls: FATRA, FATRA STAR
After the nationalization of Baťa, was the line in 1949, moved to the factory Optimit ODRY (1950-1994). Here the production started in 1950, and essentially ended after provatisation in 1994. 98% of the products were exported, although tennis players in Czechoslovakia almost did not play with. Here were produced tennis balls for western countries, for example brands SPALDING, RUCANOR, DUNLOP. In 1985 here began with the production of yellow balls.

Since 1932 until 1994, the tennis balls were produced on the line from E. Rubant only slightly modified, technology was unchanged. To the person of Erich Rubant shoul add that he was a member of the Henlein party and at the time of the occupation of the NSDAP. Actively he participated in the introduction of the Third Reich, and after the liberation of Dvůr Králové in 10.5.1945 he shot himself at home.
After the end of the production Optimit two former employees decided to build their own line and restore production. After several years of attempts to get line and have a good quality balls to fulfil alll the parameters. But they didn´t have certification. They offered the balls to test ČST that if they make a contract on the balls for cometition, the balls certified. Union asked for nonsensical subsidy for taking the balls and production was sunk by them.