mCat in detail

mCat – Pronunciation: ’em-kat

mCat Numbering System for Tennis Containers

Each container has been assigned a number based upon the mCat (McCall Catalog) system that I developed.

Numbers consist of four segments each part representing a specific constituent of the container it characterizes.

Manufacturer: (Spalding in this example).

Can ID: Each can has an ID number.
Similar cans of different types and different number of balls may share the same ID.
Type: Denotes the container type (see page on type definitions) .
Number of balls the container was designed for.

Lets say that you have some identical or very similar container designs that are of varying Types and ball capacities. You can assign the same basic mCat number while changing the Type and ball number segments to match the particular container. See the example presented below based on a Spalding Type 1 three ball container. Base number assigned to a Type 1 container Type change – now a Type 5 Type change – now a Type 14 Type and ball count change